Global Dance Fest 2016

GlobalDanceFestival Lineup.jpgIt’s November 19th around 2:30. I’m at work delivering sandwiches, being miserable- the usual- when I run into my darling friend Dominique looking bad af on her way to Global Dance Fest with her squad. She asked me if I was going, and I told her no. She told me that if I somehow ended up there to find her. So I laughed, told her to have fun and that I’d be there in spirit, and then I went on my way. A few minutes later I get a text from my roomie Miq asking if she could borrow my Camelbak. I didn’t know she had planned on going to anything that night, but I figured she must be going to Global and just hadn’t said anything about it. But once I sat back down in my car, I really thought about my options.

What am I planning on doing tonight? Nothing that I can’t live without doing. Can I really afford a ticket? Yes. And it’s my birth week so I’m allowed to treat myself this once. Is this really a responsible way to spend my time? No, but I’m young and I’m responsible the vast majority of the time and every once in a while I think it’s ok to let loose! So I texted Miq that I was gonna go, she helped my find a ticket while I was still working, I ran home to get ready, and we were out the front door by 4:30.

I would love to be able to go through and give an analysis and review of every act we saw, but I know I couldn’t do that if I tried. From the minute we got into the venue we were all over the place going back and forth between the stages. We saw at least part of every set at the 2 main stages. Some of my personal favorites included Nero, Alison Wonderland, Arius, and of course Bassnectar.

Going from set to set and dancing our way through the crowd, we made so many new friends and found a lot people who we already knew to hang with. I think the reason I, along with so many others, love these events so much is because it’s such a beautiful environment to make connections with all sorts of people. Everyone is nice, everyone is accepting, everyone appreciates and respects everyone else.

Global Dance Fest was one of my favorite events of this semester for sure, and I’m so glad I didn’t skip it because it initially seemed too spur of the moment and unrealistic. So, here’s to spontaneity!





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